MIT EE Stockroom Cleanout, Part 1

Matthew D'Asaro passed around word of an imminent clean up of obsolete equipment in the MIT EE stockroom. The department seems to have done a good job of letting the profs and EE students pick over the goodies first. They then moved the gear into the hallway with a "please take me away" sign. Here's an inventory of what I saw:

  • General Radio Type 602-J Decade Resistance Box
  • General Radio Type 716-C Capacitance Bridge
  • General Radio Type 783-A Output Power Meter
  • General Radio Type 830-G lowpass Wave Filter, 1000 cps
  • General Radio Type 830-H highpass Wave Filter, 1000 cps
  • General Radio Type 830-R bandpass Wave Filter, 1000 cps
  • General Radio Type 814-P2 Tuned Circuit, 400/1000 cycles
  • General Radio Type 814-P3 Tuned Circuit, 60 cycles
  • two General Radio Type 1203-A Unit Power Supplies
  • General Radio Type 1215-B VHF Unit Oscillator, 50 MHz to 250 MHz
  • General Radio Unit Type 1218-A Unit Oscillator, 900 MHz to 2.0 GHz
  • about a half-dozen Cornell-Dublier capacitor substition boxes, 1 to 10 µF
  • Cornell-Dublier capacitor substition box, 0.01 to 1.0 µF
  • Biddle "Mentor" five-digit differential voltmeter, 73-404
  •  two homebrew resistance standards in wooden boxes
  • Boonton Electronics 1.001 pF Capacitance Standard
  • Weston Model 430 laboratory DC milliameter, 0.3 mA, 3.0 mA, 30 mA
  • Boonton Radio 250A R-X meter
  • Leeds and Northrup 7553-5 Universal Potentiometer, Type K-3
  • General Radio Decade Resistance Box, old-style external contacts on the rotary switches, early Type 602?
  • three General Radio Type 1210-B Unit R-C Oscillators and mated power supplies
  • General Radio Type 1361-A UHF Unit Oscillator, 450 MHz to 1.05 GHz
  • General Radio 780-B Sound Analyzer
  • two TIC phase meters

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