MIT Flea Photos - May 2017

The April MIT Flea was on Easter, so the May Flea was the first of the season for me. I neglected to get my pre-paid season pass, so I had to wait with the un-prepaid vendors to get in.

Attendance seemed pretty good. I heard attendance in April was pretty light, but the crowd seemed pretty good this time. And the power-plant construction has been delayed, so the outside parking lot will be available at least through July.

IMG 3839.jpg

Even though I was at the tail of the vendor line, the large outside vendors were still setting up when I took my first tour.

IMG 3838.jpg

Chuck Ochs was still setting up.

IMG 3837.jpg

He always has good stuff, usually fully restored. Consequently the price is usually too high for a bottom-feeder like me (although I did buy a nice HP 428A from him at last spring's NEARC meet).

IMG 3842.jpg

Huh, what's this? Some oddball variant of a Waterman pocket scope?

IMG 3841.jpg

Nope! It's a Sel-Son Electronic Tube Corp. "CRT Substituter" Model CS-5. Patent Pending.

IMG 3844.jpg

It looks to be in pretty good shape.

IMG 3845.jpg

It's just the thing for servicing TV sets. I hope I never get bitten by that bug.

IMG 3846.jpg

The fellow also had a very stylish Stromberg Carlson PA amplifier.

IMG 3858.jpg

Harrison Labs became a division of Hewlett Packard in 1961, but I think they continued to use their own name on the supplies for a while thereafter. I don't know when they switched to branding their supplies as HP, but this one predates it. It was introduced in the 1963 HP catalog at a price of $99 plus an additional $20 for the meters. The July 1962 edition of the HP Journal has a nice article from Harrison on the design of their power supplies.

IMG 3854.jpg

I couldn't pass up this Tektronix 184 Time Mark Generator. I have a pile of scopes to be restored and calibrated. 

IMG 3866.jpg

Al Krysieniel had this interesting Delmonico clone of a Zenith Trans-Oceanic ...

IMG 3872.jpg

... along with his usual assortment of General Radio gear. That's a GR 483-C Output Meter to the right of the Delmonico. I wrote up another blog post about it.

IMG 3873.jpg

Here's Al on the right with a prospective customer. Those walnut cases with the French polished shellac finishes are just beautiful.

IMG 3874.jpg

A "PI" (Potomac Instruments) AG-51 audio signal generator. It looks like a nice instrument, but the $100 marked price dissuaded me from even making an offer.

IMG 3884.jpg

I didn't know Collaro survived into the late 1960's era of record changers.

IMG 3885.jpg

I didn't take note of the model number, and the scope doesn't have one on the front panel. It's one of Tektronix's low-end T900-series service scopes, but the T912 (10 MHz), T922 (15 MHz), T932 (35 MHz), and T935 (35 MHz, delayed sweep) all have similar front panels. Examining the photos on the TekWiki, this has delayed sweep and so is a T935 or T935A.

IMG 3886.jpg

At the time, I didn't notice the HP probe. It looks like the style on the HP 425A and HP 411A. I guess it's an HP AC-21A 10:1 probe with the slip-on pincer jaw tip. These were developed for the HP 150A oscilloscope, HP's first high-bandwidth scope. See the HP 150A description in the 1960 HP catalog

I should have bargained for just the probe.

IMG 3896.jpg

Here's a nice Solar CB-1-60 capacitor analyzer.Phil's Old Radios has a restoration blog and a link to the military manual.

IMG 3903.jpg

These late-60's/early-70's Japanese AM/FM table radios appeal to me. I've never seen a Toshiba before.

I've put additional photos into the album below.

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