RCA WV-97A Senior VoltOhmyst VTVM

How the heck do you get in to work on a WV-97A?

IMG 0923

IMG 5569.jpg

I’m also working on some Heathkit VTVMs – an IM-11, IM-13, and an IM-28. For these, it was easy to drop everything from the front panel and thus gain access to the range and function switches and their associated components.

IMG 5723.jpg

But on the WV-97A, I had to start desoldering connections just to get the range switch disengaged from the front panel. I still can’t reach most of the components. What’s the secret to working on these?


Well, I had thought the chassis was spot-welded to the front panel, but as soon as I removed the control nuts for the DC Zero and Ohms Adjust, the chassis dropped away.

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