Waveforms, Inc

Over on the Antique Radio Forum, a denizen of the forum going by the monicker “Bonzo” posted some new information about Waveforms, Inc

UREI Waveforms acquisition

Bonzo posted the October 1967 issue of the United and Affiliates (aka United Recording Electronics Industries) Newsletter, which contains an article announcing that UREI had acquired Waveforms, Inc. on August 1, 1967.

This revived the Waveforms, Inc. thread, and someone asked for some Waveforms manuals. I thought I’d post what I have on my Liberated Manuals archive. It’s not much. If anyone has scans  of Waveforms manuals that they’d be willing to contribute, I’d be grateful.

Waveforms 403 Manual Cover

First up is the scan of the Waveforms, Inc. Model 403 Audio Oscillator by Jeff Sheldon (jeffs01879 on ARF).

Waveforms 510B photo

Next, the scan of the Waveforms Model 510 Wide Range Audio Oscillator by Paul Carbone. This is a higher resolution version of the same scan that is on BAMA.

Finally, some excerpts from Howard M. Tremaine’s Audio Cyclopedia, second edition. Page 1266 contains a schematic for the Waveforms Model 401B Audio Oscillator. Page 1279 contains a schematic for a transistorized square wave generator, credited to Waveforms, Inc. It’s unclear if it is the schematic for a Waveforms product.

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