Weller W-TCP-K military soldering kit

Some time ago, I bought a Weller W-TCP-K military surplus soldering kit from Fair Radio.

IMG 3282.jpg

It was a bit of a disapointment because most of the tips are 600°F. That’s fine for printed circuit boards, but I find the 700°F tips work better for point-to-point wiring in old radios and test equipment.  I usually just stick to my W-TCP soldering station.s

IMG 3283.jpg

It does have a nice selection of desoldering tips.

IMG 3284.jpg

The flat-pack and DIP desoldering tips look useful, although I haven’t tried them yet. I don’t do much work on PC boards with DIPs. 

The second tip on the left is a wire stripper. There is a V-shaped notch in the metal tab at the end of the tip. I gather that a heated stripper is just the thing for teflon-insulated wires.

IMG 3285.jpg

I have used the desoldering bulb a few times. It seems to work OK, but I still prefer my Edsyn Soldapult.

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