Power Designs 2K-10 HV connector

I'm not familiar with MHV and SHV connectors. I'm trying to determine the type of connector on a Power Designs 2K-10 High Voltage Regulated DC Power Supply.


The manual says that they are Star-Tronics 5134 connectors. The mating connector is a 5135, and it supposedly fits RG-59 cable. Star-Tronics was located in Georgetown, MA but was swallowed up by EG&G and now appears to be defunct.

I found a spec sheet for a EIC-1 Extrapolation Ion Chamber which implies that a Star-Tronics 5135 is a SHV connector.


The unit came with a mating cable. Here's the Star-Tronics 5135 end.


The other end has a different style of connector. Maybe this end is a MHV connector?

SHV and MHV connectors are pretty expensive. Before I order the wrong one in my ignorance, would someone who is familiar with high-voltage connectors identify the types of these two connectors?


I ordered a SHV plug, a couple of MHV plugs, and an MHV socket from Allied Electronics. I can now verify that the Power Designs output connector is an SHV connector, and the other connector on the cable is a MHV.

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