Lafayette S-9 Radio/Phonograph

My wife’s uncle gave me this many years ago. I passed it on unrestored some time ago at one of the NEARC Westford meets, but I thought I’d post a few photos anyway.

IMG 1196.jpg

It was missing a knob, the dial cover was badly yellowed, the finish was cracked, and the style didn’t appeal to me, so deciding to pass this one on was easy.

IMG 1195.jpg

Serial number 91923. Lafayette didn’t make 100,000 of these, did they? The serial numbers must have continued across models.

IMG 1197.jpg

The turntable should be reflocked. The needle cups are there, for what that’s worth.

IMG 1198.jpg

Unfortunately the reflections from the dial cover obscure the dial. It’s AM band only.

IMG 1200.jpg

The grill bars do give it a touch of style.

IMG 1201.jpg

The finish on the top was a mess. I wonder if the you fellow who bought it ever restored it?

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