MIT Measurement Lab resistance standards

I obtained these resistance standards from the MIT lab clean-out a number of years ago.

IMG 9344.jpeg

They are marked “MEAS LAB”, which I presume stands for “Measurement Laboratory”. This is the 2,000,000 Ohm standard.

IMG 9346.jpeg

I also obtained this 1,000,000 Ohm standard.

IMG 9341.jpeg

They are rather an odd puzzle. The enclosure looks like typical General Radio construction …

IMG 9359.jpeg

… with splined miter joints, beading at the top edge, and a hand-rubbed French polish finish on the New England walnut.

IMG 9356.jpeg

IMG 9340.jpeg

On the other hand, the resistors are Shallcross wire-wound ceramic core resistors, not General Radio mica card resistors.

IMG 9360.jpg

This is the 2,000,000 Ohm resistor.

IMG 9361.jpg

IMG 9362.jpg

IMG 9349.jpeg

This is the 1,000,000 Ohm resistor.

IMG 9350.jpeg

IMG 9353.jpg

IMG 9355.jpeg

The Shallcross resistors have drifted a bit over time, or they weren’t that accurate to begin with. The 2M Ω resistor measures about 2,0170,000 Ohms on my HP 3456A.

IMG 9364.jpg

The 1M Ω resistor is closer, at about 1,007,440 Ohms.

IMG 9342.jpeg

I think they must have been lab-made. Aside from the Shallcross resistors, the Micarta tops also don’t have any General Radio markings. Perhaps they acquired a few enclosures from the General Radio plant a few blocks up the street?

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