Triplett No. 639-OS meter case

I also bought a Triplett leather meter case at Barno Electronics. The lady who runs the place told me that she used to have more new old stock Triplett meters and meter cases, but some collector came through and bought a lot of her stock. Was it anyone on the Antique Radio Forum, perchance?


We opened the box at the store to check it out before I purchased it. I should have grabbed a photo before it was opened.


Here's the front of the case. There's a strip of velcro behind the brass tab than keeps the front flaps closed.


The rear of the case has a flip-out wire stand.


The snap on the side is for the strap that holds the meter in place in the case.


Sorry for the fuzzy photo. Maybe I'll re-shoot it when we get back home from our visit to Pittsburgh.


The interior is lined with red velvet. The compartment on the right is for the meter leads and other accessories.


A fitting home for a 630-NA or 630-PL


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