Weller W-TCP soldering iron

The heater in my trusty Weller W-TCP temperature-controlled soldering iron finally gave up the ghost. I guess the heater winding burned out or corroded and broke.

IMG 1054.jpg

The W-TCP is the first model of the W-TCP series of soldering irons. According to Steve Johnson’s web site, mine is the second version of the W-TCP. The first was black and the iron connected to external screw terminals on the top of the base. 

IMG 1053.jpg

The companion model W-TCPL added a power switch and pilot light to this aluminum front panel.

IMG 3524.jpg

Remove three screws and you can pull the heater assembly from the handle of the iron.

IMG 3517.jpg

The thermal switch is at the base, below the ceramic cap and wrapped with yellow polyester tape. The heater element is the top, down to the flange.

IMG 3520.jpg

My iron came with a 24 volt 2.0 amp heater, i.e. 48 watts. Fortunately EAE Sales had a replacement heater, so my iron is now back in service. BAMA has a scan of the Maintenance, Repair, and Operating Bulletin for the W-TCP and W-TCP-L.

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