NEVEE 6 Test Equipment Report

I attended the New England Vintage Electronics Exposition #6 in Windham, New Hampshire, on Sunday, March 5, 2023.

windham show poster

I had a great time. I enjoyed seeing some old buddies and making some new acquaintances. The heavy snowfall on Saturday may have limited attendance from folks from out of state - I missed seeing some familiar faces - but the event was well-attended.

I mostly focussed on photographing the test equipment at the show, but I’ve included a few radios and TVs of personal interest, 

69972252468  353DF093-AE7D-496F-9178-C4F30848D3A0.jpg

such as this Excelsior 55 ...

69972356495  19EBB786-9825-427B-8D29-BE239DD49CA2.jpg

… and this oriental-themed TV.

69972409199  D39D68E6-2FFF-40FA-AB47-F8E1C694294E.jpg

I picked up this Westinghouse for a new kitchen radio.

IMG 1123.jpg

This Simpson 263 “Dual Sensitivity” VOM was in excellent condition. I would have bought it if I didn’t already have one - I like the Simpson line of 7” VOMs.

SIMPSON 262 269

Boatanchor test equipment was a bit thin on the ground. There were lots of tube testers, and some smaller test gear, but not many HP 606A-sized pieces of test gear :-(

IMG 1125.jpg

A ReadRite 432A tube tester.

IMG 1126.jpg

Radio City Products 802N tube tester.

IMG 1127.jpg

Some unknown-to-me set tester.

IMG 1128.jpg

A Heathkit C-3 Condenser Checker.

IMG 1129.jpg

Heathkit IT-121 FET/Transistor Tester.

IMG 1130.jpg

Heathkit TV Alignment Generator.

IMG 1131.jpg

Philco 53-960 Tropic-Master. I have one of these in the restoration queue.

IMG 1133.jpg

Triplett 310-C. I wish I’d taken this home - I don’t have a 310-C, only the regular 310’s.

IMG 1134.jpg

HP 5300 Measuring System witb the 5304A Counter/Timer attachment.

IMG 1135.jpg

I took this GR 1205-B and 1210-C home, though I already have examples of each. Can’t ... resist … General Radio ...

IMG 1136.jpg

Hickok, on the other hand, I’ve mostly avoided. The prices are bid up too high.

IMG 1178.jpg

It seems the same Hickok 203 VTVM ended up on another table, later in the show.

IMG 1137.jpg

I should have picked up this Eico 324. People keep asking for signal generators, but I don’t have any to spare at the moment. I’m sure it would have been easy to restore and flip.

IMG 1138.jpg

These L&N Poteniometers always look intriguing, but who needs to measure thermocouples that way any more? If it were more useful in my cal lab, maybe ...

IMG 1139.jpg

An Eico 666 tube and transistor tester.

IMG 1140.jpg

A Hickock 600A tube tester.

IMG 1141.jpg

An Eico 950A Resistance Capacitance Comparator Bridge. I'm partial to the Eico blue paint scheme, but this wasn’t the day to start collecting them.

IMG 1142.jpg

Eico Model 145 Signal Tracer.

IMG 1143.jpg

Heathkit HD-1250 Solid-State Dip Meter. Note that the foam in the lid has been replaced. The black foam in mine turned into black goop that was a heck of a job to clean off the coils.

IMG 1144.jpg

A nice Millen Solid-State Dip Meter.

IMG 1145.jpg

Some nice power supplies. A Kepco Model 615 and a Kepco ATE 6-10M.

IMG 1146.jpg

A Clarostat 240-C. This one followed me home, too.

IMG 1147.jpg

A Hickock I-777 tube tester.

IMG 1148.jpg

An Eico 667 tube tester.

IMG 1149.jpg

Another view of the Kepco ATE 6-10M power supply.

IMG 1150.jpg

An RCA WA-44C Audio Oscillator.

IMG 1151.jpg

Heathkit AG-9A audio generator.

IMG 1152.jpg

Central Scientific something-or-other, probably a Wheatstone bridge.

IMG 1153.jpg

Scopes were pretty scarce. This one was an HP 1222A, a pretty low-end dual-channel scope.

IMG 1154.jpg

An Eico 377 Sine and Square Wave Audio Generator.

IMG 1155.jpg

Heathkit IC-5281 RLC Bridge.

IMG 1156.jpg

A Yaesu FRG-9600 VHF/UHF Receiver. I’ve always wanted one, but I’ve always been too cheap to buy one. This one looks like a nice example.

IMG 1157.jpg

Simpson 229-2 A.C. Leaskage Current Tester. Looks like a formidable instrument.

IMG 1158.jpg

A dandy Agilent 34401A 6.5-digit DMM.

IMG 1159.jpg

Agilent E1844B Power Meter

IMG 1160.jpg

Ohmite 3420 Ohm-Ranger.

IMG 1161.jpg

Heathkit Digital Designer breadboard setup.

IMG 1162.jpg

A National Panasonic DR-49, which is a European version of the Panasonic RF-4900.

IMG 1164.jpg

A set tester. I don’t recognize the logo on the meters, and I don’t see a name of the manufacturer.

IMG 1165.jpg

A very nice Measurements Corp Model 59 Megacycle Meter. I don’t think this sold at the show, or at least it didn’t sell until near the end. I have one, but I should have picked this one up rather than let it sit.

IMG 1166.jpg

A Heathkit PS-3 Variable Voltage Regulated Power Supply.

IMG 1167.jpg

An Eico 369 TV-FM Sweep and Post=Injection Marker Generator was hiding in a box underneath its manual. A very nice sweep generator.

IMG 1168.jpg

A Heathkit IT-1 Isolation Transformer, and a homebrew isolation transformer.

IMG 1169.jpg

Leader LTC-906A Transistor Checker.

IMG 1170.jpg

A nice-looking Sprague TO-6A Tel-Ohmike.

IMG 1171.jpg

A Heathkit high voltage probe.

IMG 1172.jpg

A military ME-297/U multimeter, missing a range knob.

IMG 1173.jpg

Weston 771 Tube Checker

IMG 1174.jpg

Heathkit TS-4  TV Alignment Generator, CT-1 Capacitor Tester, GD-1 Grid Dip Meter, with coils, and an IT-10 Transistor Tester.

IMG 1175.jpg

Heathkit AA-1 Audio Analyzer

IMG 1176.jpg

KLH Model 21

IMG 1177.jpg

Another view of the KLH Model 21. I was considering it as a new kitchen radio, but Sue didn’t like the styling.

IMG 1179.jpg

An RCA Station Allocator

IMG 1180.jpg

This fellow was selling off VOMs from his dad’s estate. Some nice Simpson 260’s, a Triplett 630 “Red Dot”, and a Triplett 630-APL. 

IMG 1181.jpg

Heathkit IP-12 Battery Eliminator.

IMG 1182.jpg

Heathkit IM-58 Harmonic Distortion Meter. I’ve been keeping an eye out for the earlier IM-12 version, as I prefer that styling, but I bought this one anyway.

IMG 1183.jpg

Two JacksonModel 112 Condenser Checkers.

IMG 1189.jpg

A couple of random radios.

IMG 1190.jpg

I rather liked the styling of this Crosley AM/FM, but Sue nixed it.

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